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Friday, June 3, 2011


Lyrics to "The Song People Talk Through" a.k.a. "185"

A.K.A. "Drill Bit*"

 [A]Every [A]time that I [A]talk to [Asus4]you, [A]I'm [A]five [G (xxx000x)]per[A]cent [D]more... 
(play A chords as bouncing staccato.  hold Asus4 and D)
[A]Every [A]time that I [A]talk to [Asus4]you, [A]I'm [A]five [G]per[A]cent [C]more... 
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh 
[A]Every [A]time that I [A]talk to [Asus4]you, [A]I'm [A]five [G]per[A]cent [D]more... 
[A]Cra - [G]ay - [A]ay -[G]az[A]y. 
Got a [D]tat upon my [D]hide of my [D]crucified baby, hey-o hey-ay. 

 [A]Every time that she [C]whispers i hear a [G]scream 
[A] She says its time to take a [C] drill bit to your [G] dreams, 
And i [D] know it's [A5] on 
Because i [G] only know this [D] one song.... 
...And i'll [A]sing it to [A]you... 

...and i'm [A]singing... 
[D]My hot [D]rod's doing [D]one-eighty-[D]five, 
(I got) [G]Jesus riding, [G]Buddha riding [G]on my [G]side. 
There is a [D]purple el[D]ectric chair [D]up in the [D]sky 
I'm [G]flying hyper[G]sonic and I [C]wish deep [C]down 
You would [C]try to [D]fi - [Dsus4**]ind [D]me.                              (**hammer-on Dsus4, pull-off.) 

...and I'm [A]singing........ 
[D]My hot [D]rod's doing [D]one-eighty-[D]five, 
[G]Moses, Mo[G]hammad [G]riding on [G]my side. 
[D]There is a [D]perforated(percolated) [D]lectionary [D]written in [D]time. 
I'm [G]still just embry[G]onic and I [C]wish deep [C]down 
You would [C]try to [D]find me. 

...and i'm [A]singing, [A]singing, [A]singing....... 
[D]My hot [D]rod's doing [D]one-eighty-[D]five, hey.
[G]Avalokit[G]eshvara's [G]riding on my [G]side. 
There is a [D]purposeful el[D]ection right [D]here in my [D]eyes.
I [G]want it more yo-[G]on-ic and I [C]wish deep [C]down 
You would [A7]try to [D9+5(xx0255)]find*** me.   
***alternately, can walk down from xx0255 to D5, D4, D, D9, D on "find me"

[D]!!   or   [D5]!!

Full alternate title: "Drill Bit: (Amalgamated, Exonerated, Consolidated, Collective-activated, and Recapitulated)"

lyrics: (see above) 
colors: red 
mood: activated 
chant/prayer/mantra: let there be peace, and let it emanate from within each of us. 

pax hominibus, agape to all, joel

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