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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Cutting through the Email

I have over 10k unread email (stuff that isn't in my spam box). Some of it is from listservs I couldn't get to, some is from causes I signed up for that seem to send stuff my way weekly. Some is actually valuable. And each time I open my email inbox, I have a little trepidation because I know there will be more there than I can get to, and I'll need to triage.

Gmail is quite helpful in many respects. I have come to rely on the search features, the tags, and wish I had the time to set up real distribution lists in my contacts. I'll make time for that at some point (but then I have several hundred contacts to weed through...).

Anyway, here is a blog post by the folks at Google with some great advice for managing email.

lyrics: "And every day the paper boy brings more..."
-Pink Floyd

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