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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Miss California

Wow, I can't even comment completely on this right now, but just..... wow.

"Many of the girls use chicken cutlets.", but Miss California had help from the Miss USA competition to pay for her breast implants, shortly before the competition. I wonder what Pamela Anderson would say about all this. The duct tape part I can kind of understand (as Ru Paul says, "Fashion hurts"), but the idea of actually killing chickens and putting the chicken meat onto our beauty contestants' chests? Or for the competition itself to actually help pay for breast implants? What kind of message does that send to our youths about the ideals of beauty in the United States?

And of course, there's the Playboy-esque topless photos taken of 17 year old Carrie Prejean before she was Miss California. How is being 17 an excuse for posing for near-pornographic images? According to our laws, it's dangerously close to being entirely over the line, certainly smudging it.

And of course the real reason we're upset with her (because in my opinion, it's her body and she should be allowed to do what she wants with it, especially as an adult) is because she had an opportunity to actually speak for justice for other peoples' bodies when Perez Hilton asked her that fateful question, and she blew it. She tried to stand up as a really moral person, according to antiquated and hurtful language she'd been taught, and now she makes California look even worse than it actually is.

Overall, her (and the Miss USA competition's) grades from me for setting a moral example:
Using duct tape: B
Using chicken cutlets to enhance "proportionality": D- (though I doubt they use real chicken meat when there are synthetic falsies available)
Her wanting breast implants: I (incomplete - there's a LOT of complicated societal baggage there)
The Miss USA competition helping pay for a participant's breast implants: F
Taking provocative pictures as a 17 year old minor: C-
Being such a visible and outspoken opponent of marriage equity: F

lyrics: "You've got a lotta nerve..."
from Positively 4th Street, by Bob Dylan

chant/prayer/mantra: Come round, Miss California. We want you in our camp.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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