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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


SkyTherm House

Now this is the kind of thing I"m talking about. It's passive solar technology done intelligently.

Consider that large bodies of water (and earth) can hold heat for quite a while, and consider the daily rhythm in which the earth heats up and cools down. In cool times, if you heat the water up during the day by having the water uncovered, then at night cover them, the heat from the water can warm the house. In warm times, you have the water uncovered at night and then it will help keep your house cool during the day.

The most interesting quote I came across was this: One of the reasons he hasn’t had more success is that the entire solar industry, with few exceptions, has been undercapitalized.” If you check out the stats from this post, you'll note that the Bush admin requested less than a pittance for renewable energy research and development. The Obama administration MUST make energy production and conservation a priority. This is one way to do it.

lyrics: "low, low, low." R.E.M.

colors: color of the sun in the night time.

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