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Monday, August 18, 2008


Wow: Body Scarification at BME.

In my freetime, sometimes I check out the BME modblog just for entertainment, and I came across an astounding and unique image, which I somehow feel compelled to share.

WARNING, the link below has an intense image. Only click it if you are not squeamish. It's possibly NSFW as well.

I have seen other body modifications like piercings, tattoos and even a couple skin peels, but this one in which the skin was carefully cut from this guy's leg and hip is the first that really made my jaw drop. The design has a strangely spiritual vibe to it, and getting it scratched into one's skin makes an additional statement all its own.

When it heals, it will probably look very good (if you consider that scars can look good). I can't imagine enduring that kind of pain without anesthetic, and don't see myself getting anything like that any time soon.

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That is incredible. Jaw-droppingly cool, yet certainly a bit much for most folks. It's beautiful, but wow wow.
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