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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A dream from the other night

I often have freaky dreams, and they don't bug me too much. In fact, I find them to be very inspirational sometimes. I had a very freaky dream the other night.

In this dream, I was a private in the military (complete with haircut I'm pretty sure), down on some military base in a hot climate. I was in a large reinforced concrete bathroom, emptying my bladder, when an earthquake happened. It seemed to go on for about 20 seconds, and I had found a less-than-clean place on the floor where I thought I'd be relatively safe. As it was fading and we were worrying about aftershocks, there was another soldier about ten feet away over by the sinks, singing (to reassure himself), "We are chariots. We are chariots. We are bizarre chariots. We're going to make it out of this world."

Wow. I woke up around 4:00am, and using my best drowsy voice got a recording of what he sang. I'm so glad I've got that little voice recorder. Anyway, if you combine the above-linked understanding of chariot with this blog entry from a while ago, and this recent tattoo post (the symbolism and pragmatic semiotics, not the picture itself) on the bmemodblog, I'm not sure exactly what to make of it, but it must mean something...

lyrics: "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...."

colors: burnt,white, and blue

mood: steady, and ready

chant/prayer/mantra: may we all be, and be loosely connected.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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