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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Today at th DFW airport: people scowl or look away nervously. In my eyes, i am just another guy with a mohawk.... Ju

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I wanna see a picture!!! Gmail me a photo from your phone. I would have loved to be at DFW of all places with you and your mohawk - did you have the flamethrower shoes on too? :)
no, i left those tredairs at home. it was so hot and humid at the wedding, so i'm glad i brought two pairs of sandals and one big ol honking pair of running shoes.

i have a question...

does everybody who wants to have three or four pairs of shoes/sandals/boots have the ability to get/purchase/acquire/receive them? i wish they did.

if i can find a decent picture, i might load it up here.
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