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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Goodbye Weekly World News

 America's greatest sensational tabloid was closed down. I'm not sure why. On this page is a note from one of the managing editors.

pax hominibus,

Nothing can be brought to an end in the unconscious; nothing can cease or be forgotten.. They crouched guiltily and looked into each other's eyes.. If the patient can be induced to abandon this self-criticism and to pursue the trains of thought which are yielded by concentrating the attention, most significant matter will be obtained, matter which will be presently seen to be clearly linked to the morbid idea in question.. * * * * * When we reached the boarding-house, Mr.. IX THE UNCONSCIOUS AND CONSCIOUSNESS--REALITY On closer inspection we find that it is not the existence of two systems near the motor end of the apparatus but of two kinds of processes or modes of emotional discharge, the assumption of which was explained in the psychological discussions of the previous chapter.. But all this peace and prosperity seemed to flow from the spreading palm as from a fountain.. The tone was hysterical. Of course, said the Colonel, confidently, there is strongly presumptive and corroborative evidence? Perhaps you can give me--er--a brief outline of the affair? Zaidee kin do that straight enough, I reckon, said the woman; what I want to know first is, kin you take the case? The Colonel did not hesitate; his curiosity was piqued.. The Judge looked up warningly, when his eye caught the fact that the Colonel had again winced at this mirth.. The sexes are represented by a great variety of symbols, many of which would be at first quite incomprehensible had not the clews to the meaning been often obtained through other channels.. Her friend, too, had expressed a wish, namely, to get fatter, and it would not surprise us if our lady had dreamt that the wish of the friend was not being fulfilled.. But this symbolic gratification, which would have insured undisturbed sleep, was not sufficient for the powerful libidinous excitement.. The dream becomes capable of a new interpretation, if in the dream she does not intend herself, but her friend, if she has put herself in the place of her friend, or, as we may say, has identified herself with her friend.. Uncle Billy sat up and stopped twiddling his thumbs.. I must have always been prepared in the Unc.. As the squire passed ahead of the deacon she was stirred by a noble resolve.. Podington gave a howl of horror, and the horse, with high, uplifted head, was obliged to swim.. In the momentary silence which followed, the Colonel's voice was heard saying, We rest here, your Honor, and he sat down.. The ego is, however, represented as a general paralytic ( I am not certain what year we are actually in ).. White men sought him out and made much of him; white women talked to him about his career; and wherever he went, women of color--black girls, brown girls, yellow girls--wrote him of their admiration, whispered, when he would listen, of their passion and hero-worship...
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