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Saturday, March 31, 2007


What's up with Garrison Keillor?

Reading a friend of mine's blog, I noticed that Garrison Keillor was trying to be funny but didn't do a very kind job of it. Sometimes humor hurts, but it would be interesting to dissect what he says here. Basically, he's saying that we have enough problems with people getting married and having children, then divorced, and remarried, having children again, etc, so that extended families are getting to be too much to handle for Christmas get-togethers etc. And therefore, if gays and lesbians were able to get state-sanctioned legal marriages, it'd just get worse. Of course, he doesn't mention in his piece that he's been married three times with kids from two.

lyrics: Some song from the movie "Kinky Boots." We found it in a Netflix sleeve on the street while walking in Hayes Valley.

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pax hominibus,

Kinky Boots is really freakin' funn, Joel.
Garrison's just a prudish minna-sotan, a product of his time, reflecting a dying understanding of queer ass folks. In thirty years most of his breed will be gone, along with a lot of the anti queer momentum.
If he had a squeaky voice, he'd be a nearly nobody.
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