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Thursday, March 1, 2007


Electric Car referred to in the PAST TENSE 8^|

Go to the link above, and note that when you click on any of the categories of the major car manufacturers, they say "The [company name][electric car model] WAS a..."

As a result of that sentence alone, the decision-maker/CEO/board-types at all of the major US automanufacturers should be given desk jobs in the middle of a cube farm.

On better news, I made some really good lasagna last night, and made coffee with a nylon knee-high this morning. And yesterday I worked at Project Homeless Connect in downtown San Francisco giving massages to homeless people. In short, it's sobering.

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pax hominibus,

I'm glad to learn that nylons are good for making something other than kava. :)
By the way, the original link appears to have changed, to only include vehicles in current production. Click here to see the General Motors EV1 as it WAS. When they go out of business, good riddance to their CEOs. Hopefully they'll get bought up and somebody with some sense can put them to work doing the right thing.
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