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Thursday, March 15, 2007



Congress has recently passed legislation that allows the president to waive limitations that troops must have a year off between stints, and to waive limitations that troops should not have extended rotations over in Iraq, and to waive limitations that troops must be mission-capable if they're sent out on duty.

All this, even though many of the people over there fighting are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to the degree that they need to take psychotropic drugs to get by. Drugs that are shown to make people living in the comfort of their home town suicidal and homicidal without bullets and IEDs going off everywhere. Seems like the primary goal of this war is becoming clearer -- to make things worse.

If I were a soldier on my second or third tour of duty after having too short of a break back home to deal with the PTSD, and was told that my rotation was being extended, I think I'd lose it. This was the reason that we were marching in the streets before this war and the Afghanistan war began. We knew it would get like this, and I've never wanted to say 'I told you so,' only 'Welcome back soldier. War is over.'

George Bush, I look back to the time at the beginning of the war when you were quoted by Pat Robertson as saying (and perhaps his words were false witness, who knows...), "There will be no casualties." George Bush, you are doing a poor job as a leader at this time. People of America do not willingly follow you.

George, you said that Jesus was your favorite philosopher. I tell in all honesty he would not know you, perhaps even siding with Marilyn Manson, shouting for you to repent. If both Christ and Marilyn Manson are together on this, you would do well to realize that you can do much better. Remember to love your neighbor. The man on wounded on the road could be an Iraqi woman wounded by a bomb, hoping for food, electricity, or her son. Or it could be someone in Darfur trying to escape genocide. It could even be a radical muslim whom you need to teach how to love. It could be a reporter who gives you a hard time. It could be a starving homeless man in downtown Washington D.C. Simply put, love is not bombs, love is compassion. If more is given to you, more is expected. When you repent, you shall be the Samaritan AND the prodigal son. Remember. You. Them. Us. Love. (You may not get another chance.)

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12 Ounce Epilogue, by Clutch :|

colors: OK. Black and white drawing i'm procrastinating on. Perhaps i should repent from my procrastinatory ways. Hardly anybody reads this blog anyway....

mood: enough? i'm studying Romans 8 and wanting to talk to Paul right about now.

chant/prayer/mantra: "here comes the bright man, bringing the light and sent by the one who set fire to the sun..."

pax hominibus,

Hardly anybody reads this blog?
I thought my name was ellie, not Hardly Anybody.
I read it every day, even if it inolves exposure to bible bozo waves on a minor level.
FYI, I'd like to be talking to george or Ringo. I never liked Paul.
Ellie- Your statement is the most excellent point I've read so far this year. Indeed I am honored to be writing for one of the most luminary friends I've ever met.

Oh, yes, and as Beatles go, George of course. But as biblical folk go, I'd take a conversation with John of Patmos or Peter before Paul any day. Or Mary Magdalene, naturally.
Don't get me started on Mary. She got a raw deal from those crazy papists, all those pilaging popes poking her pride by callin' her a whore were just matriarchy destroyin' dark agents of patriarchy. They even tossed out the book of Ruth because she had the nerve to hang out in a penis equpipped only zone.
If I could go back in time and meet anybody from the bible, I think I'd go back and give Leviticus an icepick lobotomy at about age 12 to keep him from writing all that ugly stuff.
Of course, god bein' all supreme being and all, would just change him back.
Did you ever wonder if Lot's wife would have made for tasty salt shaker salt, were she broken down into small enough chunks? Seems a shame that wind and rain just washed away such a good source of salt..
Regarding Mr. Leviticus (that would be Moses according to the inerrantists):
Unless you're still all about the inerrancy of the biblical text, you may find this valuable:

The OT was recompiled by a few different people over many centuries, and most certainly got a few revisions long after Moses passed on.
Bleeech, old, new, both testaments make me ill. I think the whole book is a big con job, rewritten by opportunists every chance they got.
I'm glad you get something out of the Bible, but all it's ever been to me is the hammer bad people use to enforce morality and gain power.
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