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Friday, July 28, 2006


I think about them pretty often now...

Today, I brought our pets to the kennel, since we weren't able to find anybody who had two weeks available for cat/dog sitting, and also wasn't allergic.

Today, I heard on Pacifica Radio an interview with a woman in Lebanon telling about the atrocities of the U.S.-supported Israeli bombings, and the expectations the Israeli govt had set that everyone is to move out of a large section of Lebanon because they're going to bomb from the air to squeeze out Hezbollah. These people (mostly innocent civilians) have little water or food, and don't have a vacation home in another part of Lebanon to sit out the bombing strikes, so in reality, they will be homeless during the bombings and might likely actually have rubble for a home when they get back.

Today, as with most every day, I saw homeless people with shopping carts, or hanging out in the library to try and get some sleep on a chair for the 8 hours its open.

Today I thought about my grandmother living alone, since my grandfather died a few years back.

When I'm riding my bike, or taking a shower, or watching a show on DVD, or eating breakfast, I think about those who are not where I am. The cats and dog are probably sad and missing us. The people enduring the bombing in Lebanon don't know me, but could use my assistance, in whatever form that may take. The homeless people, when I lay down to sleep in my bed, I think about the injustice of the discrepancy, that the U.S. and most of its cities don't make any genuine attempts at a safety net, so there are hundreds of thousands who lay down on the sidewalk or pull up some grass in a park, with all their possessions in a pack laid out by their bedroll. My grandmother, she doesn't want to move into an assisted care facility because she has friends in town, and probably would do well with more companionship.

I think about all of them, and so many more... Realistically, what can I do to help?

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Give, and encourage giving.

pax hominibus,

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