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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


God, Gays, and Mister Smith Goes to Washington


WHY are the representatives of this nation claiming God is responsible for their homosexual-hating bigotry? And they're all republicans (TX, CO, IN, GA).

And indeed, they're doing this while there are REAL ISSUES going on in the US and the world that need attention. The "Gay Issue" worked to get the Christian conservative vote out in November 2004, that's why.

I found out at a seminar last Saturday that 90 million (90,000,000) Americans are functionally illiterate, with reading abilities at or below what's expected of fourth-graders. And significantly more are not literate enough to be able to get the information they need to do a critical analysis of the candidates and issues at election time. Democracy requires an informed electorate. And the people in office prefer to spend money on war and oil profits, over education. That's what God wants, apparently. [/cynicism]

We watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, starring a young Jimmy Stewart, in which he speaks to American Government in 1939, and its sadly entirely accurate today as well. The idea that people who are doing "God's work" would be despoiling the planet and allowing/propagating injustices to humanity is anathema to our very existence. Did I say "Ugh!" yet?

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