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Wednesday, October 5, 2005


giving armageddon a little hip-check

music: some cow-rustlin', chuckwagon drivin', easy-goin' amblin' song moseying thru my head

colors: pink, pink, pink, a little beige

mood: ho hum

thoughts: during conversation in class today, we got on the topic of how some of the more

fundamentalist christians believe they are doing the right thing by pushing the "pestilence, famine, war, and rumors of war, and 33.3% despoiled earth, sky, and sea" movement into high gear.

comprehending the magnitude of (and balls behind) that is elusive, though putting a pretty face on it might be easier than comprehending it. basically, by pushing the earth to this brink, they are actively

working to bring armageddon, and therefore the return of christ. since blogger doesn't do emoticons, i had to draw up my own and upload for embedding the hard way (shudder).

how happy would christ be to find out that his "followers" were getting that impatient, that they were willing to destroy the world he was willing to give his life for, in order to make him return? kinda

demanding, IMHO. but then, , that's americans...

regarding the "pretty face" side, perhaps its their way of saying to christ that they are so desperate to have him/her in their presence that they would go to this extreme measure. i suppose only a fully-realized and infinitely patient christ would actually see it that way, to any realistic degree.

kinda reminds me of a friend who was a waiter at a restaurant, and decided to swear off ever waiting tables again when an overly-demanding customer had finally broken the camel's back by asking for

something, followed by "chop-chop, boy!" really, why would christ want to return upon the demands of people when they act like that? i just checked out the promise-keepers bible from the public library yesterday -- perhaps the notes in the margins will offer some revelation (no pun intended).

ashahadu en la ilaha illa-llah
ashahadu en la ilaha illa-llah

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