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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Is Belief in God Good or Bad for Societies?

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mood: happy, i just touched base with an old friend (well she's not really that old actually ).

thoughts: Here is an interesting article my friend just forwarded to me, which shows that the strong religious bent of the United States compared to more secular European states actually correlates pretty highly with a lot of bad things, including more STDs, more prevalence of teen suicides, higher homicide rates, and many other things. The strongly held beliefs against evolution are playing a key factor in this.

I kind of figured all this was the case, but it's good that someone's investigating it. This has about the same chances of making it to the headlines as the pictures of blown-up Iraqi civilians taken by US soldiers, unfortunately....

Weeping willow tree, weep in sympathy.
Hear me Willow and weep for me.

life on,

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