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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Perhaps this is an answer to the "what are they doing differently?"

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thoughts: Note in the article linked from the title that after Robertson says that Bush said there would be no casualties involved in going to war in Iraq -- the pictures mentioned in the previous post, plus several thousand dead and wounded American soldiers disprove that solidly -- Robertson follows by saying that "I just think God's blessing is on him."

Whoa. Therein lies the answer to my question raised from the Malcolm X reading. What are they doing that we aren't is "getting God's blessing," and that's what's making them 'successful.'" Considering that the results of their success in this case are despicable and evil actions (huge bombs, heads blown off, psychological trauma to soldiers and civilians, profits for energy companies and other friends, etc -- perhaps I'll expound on a useful, working definition of 'evil' sometime), this has serious and staggering theological ramifications.

I'll connect the dots. Faust. Bargain. "God" in this case, is giving his blessing on actions diametrically opposed to what is best for his people, including Christians, Muslims, and all others on Earth. This "God" they worship is not the same one worshipped by my kind of Christians (the ones who are falling behind in the race). This "God" they're getting the benefits from must in fact be the devil, working antithetically to the good of the people. If we make that same faustian bargain, we will get the same benefits, but in the process become them. They can keep their "God", and we'll keep the real Jahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Great Spirit, Creator, and all the other names for the one being with so many different names.

Dear One, please help all of your sentient peoples to recognize the real you, and differentiate you from others who would take your name or guise for purposes of leading your world astray.

Link of the day: Lyrics to 'Straighten Up and Fly Right' by Cole Porter

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