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Monday, September 26, 2005


America in Iraq is now REALLY ugly

mood: disgusted

thoughts: Quote from an American soldier who recently returned, accompanying a picture of a man of Iraq who had just had his head blown off by the soldier's platoon at a checkpoint:

"This is an Iraqi driver and passenger that tried to run a checkpoint during the first part of OIF. The bad thing about shooting them is that we have to clean it up. The car was shot at with 5.56 and 7.62 mm rounds, The 7.62 did his head. [emoticons: Fuck You Machine Gun Jaw Drop Machine Gun]"

I won't provide a direct link to the picture or the thread it was on, because what happened to the man in the car is disgusting. And how he got his picture taken and put on the internet is even more disgusting (posting gore/snuff photos of Iraq carnage, in exchange for porn site access). For more info, and a link, go to
To find out the truth of what is going on in Iraq, go to

This is exactly the kind of carnage that the U.S. military brass has worked very hard to remove from the American audience back home. From Vietnam, they learned their lesson that if American citizens see what's really going on, they will not support what's happening, so they hide it from view, while they siphon tax dollars toward war.

If any of these photos were put in daily newspapers or on network TV news, support for the war would be over in a heartbeat.

My compassion for this dead man is only matched by my compassion for the one who did the shooting. How many soldiers over there are truly losing it and doing incredibly fucked up stuff like this, because they don't want to be there, and know they are fighting an unjust war? Or that the military has trained them to deal with devastation like this...?

never again.

a little peace please,

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