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Thursday, September 8, 2005


OK, let's find holes in this scenario, and plug them

The story linked to above is pretty much exactly the utopia I've been envisioning. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I'd roll with this one given the option.

Obviously, the first hole here is that we do not have autonomous robots yet.
2. We are still a private ownership based society.
3. The people who are "have's" or "have more's" or "have most's" need to be convinced that a system such as this would be better for THEM, or it will be difficult to string together the resources.
4. We gotta get a few friends together to buy some robots once they get to that stage. The single monolithic $600 billion system the author brings up is just one model, perhaps the best model. Though as an alternative, we could create microsystems for a million bucks at a pop with a smaller number of robots. Could corporate (in the good meaning of corporate body) ownership on a smaller scale work, such as in groups of 1000 or 10000 people per community?

For those uninterested in reading the whole story, the basic principles put forth in the Australia Project are:

1. Everyone is equal
2. Everything is reused
3. Nothing is anonymous
4. Nothing is owned
5. Tell the truth
6. Do no harm
7. Obey the rules
8. Live your life
9. Better and better

Anyway, even though the stuff on the linked page is a long read, you may want to bookmark it and try digesting it in smaller chunks....

The first few pages of Manna include a more dystopian vision where the robots control us, rather than serve us. It starts here:

Also, the author of the article is the creator of a very informative website:

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