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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


You Are My Sunshine (Chords and Lyrics)

I want to work out some new lyrics for this to reframe the jealousy and heartbreak.  Original version by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell.

Chords are in brackets (e.g. [G])
Melody is lower case (e.g. c-b-a-g). Double-letter = hold longer.
Tempo and rhythm for each note depends on singer/player.

d   g   a      b   b     b  c-b-a-a-g-a   b     a-g  g              
You are my [G] Sunshine, my on-----------ly [C] Sun--shine          
g   a    b      c  ee e   ^gg-f-e-c-g g-a c-[C9]d (hammer-on)       
You make me [C] happy when skies      are gre-ey.                   
    g      a  b      c    e        ^g  ^gg       ee    b-a-g  g-a-g 
[G] You'll never [C] know dear, [G]How much [G6] I [C] love   you   
g      a            b       c      a   b-a-g-a-g  g     g           
Please don't [Cmaj7]take [C]my [D] sun-shine      a-[G]-way.        

d   g a      b     b    b  a b      a-g  g            
The other [G]night dear as I lay [C]sleeping          
g  a     b     c    e-d d-g  g  a-bb-a-g              
I dreamt I [C] held you in   my arms                  
    g    a b     c    e     e d        c  b-a-g g     
[G] When I a-[C]-woke dear, I was [Am] mista----ken   

g  a     bb   c      aa   g        b-a-g-e            
So I [C] hung my [D] head and [Em] cried.             


I'll always [G] love you and make you [C] happy.     
If you will [C] only say the [G]same.                
[G] But if you [C] leave me to love a-[Em]-nother    
You'll reg-[Bm]-ret it [D] all some [Em] day. >;;v/   


You told me [G] once dear, you really [C] loved me        
And no one [C] else could come bet-[G]-ween               
But now you've [C] left me and [Am] love a-[Em]-nother    
You have [A] shattered [D] all my [G] dreams. :(          


*Flourishes on chorus optional/ad-lib each time.  Above is one way.

Leads into "My Mannequin"

Check here for an explanation on how this song's lyrics represent christology.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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