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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A List of Things to Protest About

Just a short list for now...
  1. Government giving away licensing of public airwaves FM frequency bands  to private corporations, while not providing sufficient bandwidth to public discourse.
  2. Two party system forces people to vote for the lesser of two evils, and not their real choice.  Switch to Instant Runoff Voting
  3. Electoral College and gerrymandering when redistricting disenfranchise certain voters and candidates.
  4. Marijuana laws, including federal-level obstinacy with continued status as a Schedule 1 drug despite preponderance of evidence
  5. Private banks of Wall Street controlling money supply, overleveraging, and being massively bailed out
  6. Unfair tax structure allows richest to pay lower percentage than regular people, and dramatically less than rich had to pay during other periods
  7. Campaign finance reform
  8. The right to bear arms
  9. Wars of empire
  10. For-profit healthcare -- single payer now!
  11. Disparities in public education
  12. Privatization of the commonwealth
  13. Immigration rights
  14. US aid to Israel
  15. End fossil fuel subsidies, invest in sustainable energy R&D
  16. Against GMO foods and bogus organic standards for food
  17. Equal marriage rights for all, regardless of gender.
  18. Guarantee accessible clean water for all
  19. ....

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