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Friday, February 25, 2011


our treatment of the poor continues to put the whip to christ's back

if our culture understood that when we leave the poor and unhoused on the griddle to fry a little bit longer, we're actually whipping christ like in that one mel gibson movie, we'd probably be a little bit more charitable on the collective and individual level.

now, in short, digestible sentences: people in america and around the world are left hungry and homeless.  they wear smelly socks and tattered rags for clothes (in 2010).  other people in our culture allow this to happen.   in the meantime, they protect and try to grow their own wealth.  they don't want this homelessness thing to happen to them. they have bureau dresser drawers exploding in abundance with socks.  they might have fifty or more shirts, and ten pairs of pants (all clean).  they have different shoes for different events and activities in their life.  they have more cars than this world can afford.  americans tend to mostly focus on our individual and familial selves first.  the boundaries of aiding, assisting, and supporting others ends before it means helping strangers.  people with their eyes open must surely notice the plight of the poor.  and they turn their heads with a sense of shame and disgust.  christ, meanwhile, looks on, and says, "please yo, we gotta help these people.  THESE are your neighbors."  when we don't help them, i can tell you one thing for sure.  the heart of christ feels the rip of the whip, gets to feeling raw, angry, and sad.

lyrics: inside the black hole is a fractal, inside the black hole is a fractal, inside that is another black hole.  and after that, nothing but light.
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pax hominibus, 
agape to all,

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