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Friday, February 18, 2011


I Am Responsible For....

I am responsible for my actions, and my actions only.  When I began to realize how true that is midway through CPE, it was a great relief.  I'd been carrying a lot of anxiety and anger because I was feeling responsible for the whole world.  Far too enmeshed.

I am responsible for adding my energies to apply to the vectors which point toward the goals in which I would like to see the world to change.   

Simply put, personal, and close to home: For my (lack of) skills at organization, I am responsible.  There is nobody else to ultimately assign credit/blame for whether my physical environment and virtual environment are tidy and organized in such a way as to match and reflect my personality.  Likewise, for the true improvements/changes I'd like to see in the wider world, I am responsible for doing my part, and for knowing what that part is or can be.

I've decided I want to figure out how to change the munged autosig below into the old properly-formatted style.  IIRC, it was in an odd place.  I've gone searching for it for a few minutes, but to no avail thus far.

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PS: This is the end of the old blog format, I'm going to be switching to something else over the next few months.  See the old header wording below, plus some midway editing of the new.

This place is a public journal of self-self discovery, on any level.

With hope and joy, this will to self-determine rises to the occasion, moving past any and all barriers and impediments.  This will uses any and all ethical means and tools worthy of applying to reason/emotion/mixed-complicated-relationships/gut-feeling known as humanity.

Also about a 70s PSA ad with a cartoon rocker dude making a sandwich called a Wagon Wheel out of two crackers & peanut butter. 
More info here.

This used to be a place for me to post thoughts for my friends back home and anyone anywhere else who cares to read what spills out of my scrambled eggs upstairs. :)

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