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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Words from Floyd Red Crow Westerman


From a video of Floyd Red Crow Westerman
The Europeans came with the Bible. And in the Bible, it says very little about Mother Earth as sacred. That's a very crucial absence of thinking on Earth, that they didn't think Mother Earth was sacred enough. The absence of that is government that has polluted the world. And our children have no future because of it.

To the Indian people, to all of us, the Earth is our Bible. In other words, our thinking and consciousness goes way beyond Christian thinking. Here is Christian thinking with their thoughts as very people-centric. It speaks some good things, as people should be to each other, but they haven't even lived up to that. Thou shalt not steal. Look who's got all the land, and look who's got the Bibles. The Indians got the Bibles and they got the land.
I think Christianity needs to be spoken to in a certain way. I mean, get out of the way. Let the Indian way of life speak to everybody.

The songs that follow are well worth the listen as well.

pax hominibus,agape to all,joel

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