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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Speech for Graduation from Starr King, May 20, 2010

Someone asked me if I might talk about the eschaton made immanent. That's hard to do in two minutes. Actually it's not hard to say, but it is hard to be.

I believe the eschaton becomes personally immanent with the enlightenment of knowing what we can know and then believing and acting from that awareness. It is engaged connection from our innermost selves. It means opening up to the world in a spirit of vulnerability and faith, confidence and grace.

The world you experience before you is the world as it appears.

I had a dream a couple weeks ago. I was looking at a highlighter marker with words printed like text messaging on the side: "We r 2 b.” I looked over and Dr. Parker was kind of snoozing in a rocking chair. A rare sight! [shrug]

And I am truly glad to be here among people who know that going forward, in order to be at all, to survive, and to thrive, we need to be beloved community, and ask questions toward that end. Glad to be among people who know that beloved community is not the goal, it’s a determined and self-evolving way.
You are me.
I am you.
You are you.
I am me.
We are us.
Our connections are the connections they are for the purpose of life.

All that is still just reflexive words -- open to interpretation. So I'll say it another way with the hope that today our inner angels might meet up in pre-worded existence.
[end with silence until bell]

pax hominibus,agape to all,joel

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