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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


How to Eat a Tomato

i ate a caprese salad,
made as simply as can be.
a glob of fresh soft mozzarella
an heirloom tomato,
and some fresh basil
from our own garden.

a sprinkle of salt, a sprinkle of pepper.

served in a small bowl.

later, a little home-made hummus.
so awesome, it broke the blender.

and some couscous from out of a box
left over from lunch 3-4 days ago.
with chopped red peppers and zucchinis cooked in.

the first part of the meal:
eating the tomato.
sliced into golf-ball size chunks,
a sprinkling of black pepper
a small shake of salt and....

taken to mouth either by hand or by fork.
or on the side of a butterknife or an upside down spoon
if you're "playing the boob" for your toddler.

kiss it as a prayer.
honoring its rich history and the components in the world that came together to make it to this sweet moment for your mouth (and your tummy and your renewed body energy).
honoring the soil that the tomato came from.
honoring the

honoring the potential, of all that you may do with this energy given from the life of this earth.

kiss the tomato with your lips, your teeth, your tongue, and your gums,
as a sensuous act.
awaken your body
deep down to the fact
you're alive in your body
to see hear touch and feel,
cherish scent and flavor

the tomato in your mouth,
know that it is in your mouth
it was from the ground
and now is becoming a part of the body you control

chew the tomato down into small bits,
swish it in your mouth like juice
and give thanks that it changes form for you.
give thanks that the earth offered it up
to the farmer who picked it
give thanks for the sunlight, the water of rain,
and the worms and the robins,
the rabbits, the air and the soil.

know that humans have tasted tomatoes for millennia,
and will do so for millennia to come.

take three minutes and ponder life--
ponder one mouthful of life's beauty.

lyrics: "hey big bodhi!!!"
from Revolve, by the Melvins.

pax hominibus,agape to all,joel
(my blogspot template seems to have changed on me a few months back. it concatenated all three of my closing lines together. rather than fix it, i'm just going to leave it and stop wasting time editing it)

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