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Thursday, January 29, 2009


A couple gifts of presence

These are two pieces of art that I gifted to some people from the chaplaincy internship I experienced at a mental health / incarceration facility this summer.

Angel Slacks was a gift to one of the employees who had never heard of slack before, and was incredibly bogged down because of it.

Ecstatic Peace was a gift to the people on the unit I was working at, because knowing that I would be leaving, I wouldn't be able be present in the same way, but still wanted them to remember I'd be there.

My God is good in the kitchen
Make a good meal from bread and fishes

Feed the hungry pour the wine

Everybodys welcome to have a good time

Sit at his table enjoy the food
from "Save Us All" by Tracy Chapman


Gee angel, gee angel, I need some slack
There's nothing in this world that I'd rather do

Than buy a set of wings and fly away with you

from "Gee Angel" by Sugar

chant/prayer/mantra: May we be always with love, and love always with us.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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oh, that's so sweet you would do that for these people you care about. Really lovely.
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