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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Burj Dubai - The New Tallest Building

There is a 818m+ tall building being built in Dubai, UAE. Here's wikipedia with pictures.
The estimated cost of the building is supposedly less than $2 billion USD. Consider me amazed.
Kinda like the tower of babel maybe. Lots of concrete. Lots of hubris. When people are still starving around the world, why the taller and taller buildings, and the bigger and bigger boats?
Its interesting that such a large building would be getting built in the Persian Gulf.

Also of interest is that for far more than that price, the United States purchases airplanes for their military. In fact, the price of one single Stealth Bomber B-2 Spirit apparently runs at the same price as the world's largest building to be. That's a question of priorities, I suppose.

Truly staggering.

lyrics: Something by Dim Stars. Oops, now "Train kept a rolling all night long" by Dread Zeppelin.

colors: stealth-colored.

mood: shocked and awed.

chant/prayer/mantra: Bring it on home.

pax hominibus,
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