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Saturday, January 19, 2008


my favorite fractal so far

here's one that i generated quite some time ago that i really like.

lyrics: what's going on? - marvin gaye

mood: exasperated. had a bad day waiting in line at best buy store #499, then picking up our "fixed" laptop, only to have to drive back and wait in line to give it to them, after they put it back together with a missing switch, so that we can't access the internet with it. in other words, they fixed the problem and created a new one. and we will have to go without our laptop for two more weeks. :(

when i asked the geeksquad guy behind the counter if we could get an extension on the warranty or credit of some type for this total mess up on their part, i could tell he was doing his best to NOT offer anything of value to replace our lost use of the laptop and my lost saturday. what he did offer was that they would ship the laptop back out for re-repairing using overnight delivery, so that the people who made the mistake would get the laptop on monday. needless to say, we will still not ever be buying anything from best buy again, and i will heartily recommend to any readers or friends that they do likewise.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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