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Monday, September 25, 2006


the current condition of spam

Today I got an email
from teddie maribelle
entitled plz call back
with this in the body:
the 1980s, but, well maintained and his legs in
fresh strawberry pie on my behalf, and it
can't tell us. It's the people really don't have any taste.
it had long since been I'll fry your sorry butt with
hesitated and then approached droplets of chrome. When
we've lot of while. Then he said, You know, they don't
with firmness. In this apartment, in our new reality, here on
Evidently the two of them had had more than steel
the in?tray. More problems. But and films, to Mars. Nothing is

Everybody on the net gets spam, but for posterity's sake, I just thought I'd spend a minute to document that current status of it. I'm not sure why it even got sent to me, considering that it doesn't have anything to click on, and I have a feeling that the email address may be bogus as well. There was apparently a picture-link there as well, so they could've just been harvesting email addresses of those who opened the email which called to their server to get the pic, but the picture HTML was malformed, so all I got was this meaningless message.

Then again, the last two words are far from meaningless. There are probably a lot of philosophers and buddhist monks that would go nuts for a message like "nothing is." Maybe that's why I'm posting. Enough already, why are you still reading???

lyrics: "well, if you'd read the stuff I'd read about him, and the way he's been portrayed in the American press..." Public Enemy, Incident at 66.6 FM

colors: candy apple red, black

mood: tired, worked out and did some yoga today

chant/prayer/mantra: namaste

pax hominibus,

How bizarre. Yet oddly inspiring. My spamblockers have been working overtime, so I've gotten almost no spam recently. I suppose that's good, but I'm also not getting messages saying "nothing is."
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