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Monday, September 11, 2006


How incredibly brave!

The other day I was thinking about the firefighters who ran into those burning buildings, defying human nature of self-preservation to save other people who they wouldn't have even known. With all the hoopla about ABC's new miniseries docudrama "The Path to 9/11" coming out amid fiery protest by those who are saying it contains outright lies, I have one small thing to say.



Our country has thousands of firefighters who bravely served unknown other Americans at peril to their own lives who are getting seriously shat upon by our current government as a preponderance of them are suffering from severe respiratory illnesses (watch video at ABC news). We can talk about the past and try to think and rethink about what happened, or we can give aid to those who need and deserve it.

The Bush administration is squarely to blame for not supporting the brave firefighters they have George Bush take photo opportunities with. They're to blame for not supporting the American military troops when they come home with illnesses from D.U.(depleted uranium) and other war-related issues. When thousands of firefighters have apparently been given only $7 million in healthcare aid for serious lung issues, how long is that supposed to last? Anyone who's been to a hospital knows that <$7000 each of them gets on average is going to last about a day. Pathetic!

I'm getting angry. I've been angry, but now I'm really getting hot. When there is suffering of displaced and homeless Katrina survivors, of wounded soldiers and firefighters who can't get through the red tape in the healthcare system, and those in power IGNORE it or treat it far more lightly than those suffering would have it, it's maddening to someone connected to that suffering. (More on that link later, and how it's connected.)

How difficult is it to not cast judgment? Can there be any explanation for this negligence, and intentional harm caused to Iraqi's, to Afghani's, and by extension to Americans and to people all over the world? I'm thinking nothing short of a defiance of common logic and compassion can explain this. :(

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