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Thursday, September 21, 2006


For AI to really get there..

Just looked up the defn of AI-complete, and recognized something. Perhaps this is something that the AI scientists already know and are working on, but tell me if this makes sense...

If you want to have an unprogrammed and algorithm-lite AI, emulating the human brain is going to be an answer.

Consider how neurons communicate signals to one another, and how neuron paths develop "groove" or "ruts" in them as they're used more frequently, and patterns of action are committed to memory. Likewise, different neuron-connection paths and their corresponding decision trees have different associative strength levels.

It probably would take graduatable (as in graduated cylinder) programmable field gate arrays, perhaps even organic in nature rather than the less-capable silicon, capable of holding synthesized conceptions, combined with sensory input devices for perception, in order to get an AI that can interact with the world in a real way.

In essence, the A.I. people can work directly from all the material the psychologists and neurologists have been digging up. The best way to figure out how something works is to try to build a copy from the ground up.

We'd learn a lot that way. I just hope we can keep humanity fairly well partitioned from it and don't end up with cyborg stew in the process.

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hm, read The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk - the culture there uses crystals as computers, in a rather symbotic relationship. Of course, there are lots of other reasons to read it really.
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