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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ladies, Is it Time to Rock out with your C**k out?

To all my women/female friends, to their allies, and to those whom I've never met... After the abuse you've endured recently, including ongoing desires by some powerful men in congress to undo the recent Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (which provides a lot of important women's health assistance, especially for the poor), along with proposed bills to make laws requiring doctors to insert ultrasound wands into your vaginas if you want or need an abortion, it's time to take action.

While I don't advocate actually doing (without consent) what this picture seems to imply, and recognize that you may even be offended by the imagery below or the title above (the term is, of course, figurative, and implies full-on rock and rolling) of this post, I know this: There are far more offensive things in the world (including the idea of regressing our codified system of law toward something akin to the fifties).  It's time to make sex and gender a non-factor when dealing with human relations, and with laws.  I do think it's REALLY time to assert full equality.  To do that, we need to remove these men from power and replace them with woman-friendly representatives, or greatly diminish their voices to the margins.

It's been forty years since the ERA was originally brought up for a vote, and it did not pass.  I say let's revive the Equal Rights Amendment, and make sure women's rights are a major issue in November.  Here is the process for getting an amendment proposed and passed.  We need to make every state come alive, and pick representatives who will support women's rights.  Women are half of the population, and I am hoping that a sleeping giant has been awakened in the last year.

Original image from Scandinavia and the World comic here.

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It's early and I'm still drinking my coffee so I can't speak to the more serious parts of your post adequately. Let me just mention that I've heard one of my particular friends sing out, while changing my baby boy's diaper, "It's time to rock out with your c**k out!"
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