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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Nudity is Vulnerability, yet Vulnerability can be Empowering

A young woman in Cairo, Egypt uploaded a picture [NSFW] of herself posing nude to her blog to protest severe limits to freedom of expression in her culture.  The picture is not racy by western standards [NSFW], but in Egyptian culture, apparently it is creating a huge uproar. The photoshop desaturation of all but the shoes and the bow in her hair seems like an unnecessary but interesting flair that possibly riled her countrypeople even a little more than if it were monochrome or ordinary color. I think that in the US, people are way too hung up about bodies, and when that happens, it is disempowering.  However, it does empower advertisers who can capitalize on insecurities and sexualization.  

The personal empowerment comes from stepping out--perfect flaws and all--and saying, "This is me.  I've shared completely with nothing to hide except what's on the inside (which you should know is vast)."  Everybody still has a lot of themselves that doesn't come out even when they do reveal of themselves.  It's just impossible to tell one's whole story, and seeing somebody's skin is just a very small part of their story, yet people make far too much about it, in my opinion.    Go to a nudist colony for a day, and it will change your mind [possibly NSFW] about what is natural, and what is sexualized.  The problem is in the sexualization.  Countries with Puritan (or puritan-like) values have a lot of sexualization built up, and it oppresses those sexualized (usually women).  I think her statement was brave and bold.  I also pray for her safety in a country that might not be ready to handle it.  Those who bring light where it is feared or unwelcome often pay a very high price. pax hominibus, agape to all, joel

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