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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A Note on Media Reform

.I just uploaded this link to my Facebook page, and figure it's worth sharing here.

Wow, this entire event seems to be made up of people who are grossly deluded, many of them by Fox News. People act logically, based on the information they're given. This situation calls for real media reform. Fox News, officially and LEGALLY..., is ENTERTAINMENT and that's how they can get away with fabricating what they do. It's abhorrent that so few people know that fact.

The media reform ought not try to stop them from broadcasting, but should require truth in advertising (what product they are broadcasting), and should open up all those new digital channels being sent out over the public airwaves to many more voices, instead of just giving the previous airwave leasers (mistakenly thought to be owners) extra channels to do with as they please.

It's now time to let some of the many voices currently relegated to the Internet have spectrum rights in proportion to the size of their readership/viewership.

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