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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Invisible Children: Rescue Effort

A friend recently sent an email to me about how his 19 year old daughter is going to abduct herself, and ask Barack Obama to come save her, in order to call attention to an ongoing atrocity in Northern Uganda, in which a man named Joseph Kony has been kidnapping kids and forcing them to become brutal soldiers.

Several hundred youths have put up videos on to get the attention of celebrities, and include this text in the Information box to the right of the videos:
We want YOU to come to The Rescue! April 25th, 2009! Watch the movie about the situation in Uganda and The Congo at And contact us (publicists, assistants, offices, moms) if you are willing to come or have questions at

I wish them well in their effort, and it will be interesting to see how this form of information activism changes the world. Would it necessarily be a bad thing if more and more causes started to saturate the new airwaves, to direct us toward the things that really need attention?

pax hominibus,
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