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Monday, May 5, 2008


MS API Crappy, Apparently...

Huh, who'da thunk it? Granted, the article above is linked to from /. and they don't like Microsoft so much, so it take it with a grain of salt.

This is what happens when a company has a monopoly on a market. Yes, there's Apple (mentioned in the article), and that's kind of great, but they're not really in the same market, and Apple have got their own issues of being welcoming to third-party developers.

And Microsoft's codebase is now crufty as all hell and bloated and slow and not necessarily secure, and if you don't re-install or re-ghost windows once in a while it really gets slow. Decisions made decades ago for Windows 3.1 still are hounding them, and while they have such an enormous codebase that a developer can probably find stuff within their library that will call for a pizza, take a credit card number, and sprinkle red peppers and parmesan on top when the pizza guy delivers, that same codebase is old and overworked, in ways that people who have passed on from the company probably didn't figure for. So it's a question of architecture.

With sufficient resources, time, and dedication, somebody else could come along and do a whitebox design of a new OS with all the functionality of Windows (and Mac, and Be, and Unix), plus some forward-visionary stuff and really intuitive (non-kludged) developer (and user) interfaces, and they wouldn't have to carry around decades-old baggage, ready to make changes on a dime (or maybe a silver dollar, these things still take time).

What does all this have to do with theology, you may ask? Well, replace the word "decades" above with "millenia," and that might provide some insight. A theology based on functionality, not having to call all the way back to Adam, Noah, Moses, Hagar, Jesus, etc. Of course, its good to have people to tell stories about, and to have some type of a rudder/constitution, but going to them as sources of wisdom is disempowering to the voice within.

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