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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Fed bails out banks

Here is an item of interest I've been thinking on, and want to briefly share my chagrin.

At this Onion link, we have the following statement by a fictional person:

Lynn Fitzpatrick
, Florist, "Giving money to institutions that failed at their only job, which was to have money, may not be the best strategy."

I read a few months back now about how congress was voting to add $168 billion to stimulate the economy. And the cynical part of me was wondering, "Which part of the economy are they stimulating?" I say this because the U.S. governmental budget stimulates the military-industrial complex part of the economy every year now to the tune of ~$600 billion, and yet the renewable energy part of the economy gets stimulated by the government to the tune of $210 million. That's a factor well over 2000 times as much going to the military for oil-based interests than to research on better energy sources that would provide us with real security.


pax hominibus,
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