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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


How our income tax dollars are spent...

I just saw this from CNBC that shows a simple slideshow (courtesy of the National Priorities Project) of how federal tax dollars are actually spent. I'm going to say this and try not to express any outrage. Simply by the numbers.

Out of every dollar, here is how much goes toward the following expenditures:

Military: 42.2 cents
Health Care: 22.1 cents
Interest on Debt: 10.2 cents
Anti-Poverty Programs: 8.7 cents
Education: 4.4 cents
Government and Law Enforcement: : 3.9 cents
Housing and Community Development: 3.3 cents
Environment, Energy, and Science: 2.6 cents
Agriculture, Commerce, and Transportation: 1.5 cents
International Affairs: 1.0 cents

The US government spends:

And from here, regarding funding for solar energy development, the Bush administration requested from Congress $11,068,000 LESS in 2008 than was enacted in 2007. Likewise, he requested over $9 million less for wind energy, $5 million less for geothermal (actually requesting zero dollars!), the exact same amount for and even asking for $20 million less for biomass research (which I find less inspiring than the first three anyway).

Excluding the biomass, all of these combined (<$210 million) are slightly more than 1/3 of their budget request for fossil fuel R&D ($567 million), and about 1/4 of the budget request for nuclear power ($802 million) That says something about energy priorities. What do we say about a president who works against a positive trend? I haven't had words for a long time, but they wouldn't be words I'd use in front of my mother. I'm always uncomfortable using negative words around my mother. I want her to see me finding the positive things and praising them. Go, solar! Hooray for wind! Go, geothermal, go tidal power!

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