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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


FBI and other police agencies implanting violence?

I just got done reading this article about how the FBI is trying to infiltrate vegan potlucks, in hopes of finding out what protesters are up to. In addition, the article states that at the New York 2004 RNC, they planted an undercover agent to be "arrested" in attempts to get the protesters riled up. Um, unethical much? While this different than planting evidence, its remarkable in its blatant disregard for peoples' rights. Likewise, they also talk about how there were mysterious men wearing hoods at the back of a critical mass bike ride, who didn't get arrested, but who's bad behavior invited the police to turn on the other bike riders, arresting 19 and using pepper spray on them.

WHO ARE these people, that they're trying to turn bicycle riding vegetarians into terrorists? Are we unamerican somehow if we're not spending our hard-earned dollars on gasoline and meat, and trying to encourage others to live more simply as well?



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