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Friday, May 9, 2008


I can't get myself to really read this

An article on states that Humanity is in Mortal Danger, and goes on to offer theories on what has been happening, and what is currently happening, with respect to world politics. I'm sure some of the information is correct, and other parts are less so, but it really makes me think -- are the world leaders 1) fatalistic in their intention to crash the global economy and ecology into burning flames; 2) thinking that they're doing a good job, and that billions of people starving when we can easily create enough food is acceptable; 3) planning on making it worse so there's a big die-off, complete with anarchy, chaos, and martial-law; or 4) something else that is either too fantastical or horrifying to envision?

We need new leadership, or for our current leaders to change their ways dramatically. Pronto.

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