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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


U.S. Soldiers' Presence in South Korea Primarily Support for Sex Slavery

I'm mad.

Since only about five to ten people ever read this blog anyway, I'm just going to rant for one post, at the tacit behest of hundreds of sex-slaves in Korea, and hope that government thugs don't come rap my knuckles for saying what I feel justice compels. Upon re-reading this post, its sort of a screed, but not altogether inaccurate. I expect most people will wander off before they read to the end, with the part about the Pilates Abs theme... (even when writing this very important screed, I can't take myself all that seriously -- what's wrong with me?)

Direct from the U.S. Army news site:

"Hundreds of trafficked women, mostly from former Soviet bloc countries and the Philippines, are forced by local bar owners to work as prostitutes in bars that cater to American servicemen."

"The U.S. military leadership in Korea says it is powerless to put a stop to the practice, which they claim is the responsibility of the Korean police."

"While U.S. troops continue to be the sex-slave racket's best customers, U.S. commanders turn a blind eye. And there's no end in sight."

Several stories: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

So... it's apparent that U.S. servicemen have a healthy sex drive (I have no problem with that part -- everyone should have a healthy sex drive), and are stuck over in Korea for several months at a time. Their options for dealing with that sexual energy include 1) masturbation (forgive me if I'm behind the times... do they get much privacy over there, or do they share bunk-rooms still?); 2) complete monastic abstinence; 3) finding a girlfriend on the side over there; 4) getting a quick fix via prostitutes with no strings attached. Maybe there are more options, but that's not my point. If these guys have girlfriends/wives/lovers at home, why are they over there and not here? If Americans are so concerned about human rights, why are we not only not providing Johns, but actually shutting them down through force (diplomatic, military, or otherwise)? I'm led to guess the answer is that we don't care, or more specifically the top brass doesn't care. It's more important to keep our political and economic interests intact than to care about these women (and perhaps some men as well) who are forced to repeatedly have sex against their will. According to one of the articles, Donald Rumsfeld says we need to do something about it. That reads as what's known in the business as "lip service." I'm sure it's as high on his list as finding the guys who stole the Big Lebowski's car was for the LAPD. ("They're working around the clock in shifts.") The presence of US soldiers in that country is bad for hundreds of sex-slaves, and bad for our reputation. Pull them out of there, or at least move their wives and families over there so they can have a decent home life.

If this is what America stands for, and I am against this, then consequently I would be against America. If this, and war to protect our security (at the expense of all else), are what America stands for, then I must be anti-American. From what I've heard recently, however, now is not a good time to be against America as it's defined by the business interests of the wealthy elite. So I'm not going to say I'm anti-American. I am still pro-America all the way.

We will need a new term for this type of America. For now, as a placeholder, let's call it Peace-America. (Keep in mind, the peace I here am referring to is Real Peace, and not Satan Peace.)

If one is to be pro-Peace-American, here is a list of where one might stand:
This list could go on for a while, but suffice it to ask, "When has America become SO foul in its actions that one can no longer hold one's head up in pride and call themselves an American?"
  1. Our political system is off-limits to members of the middle-class, the working-class, and the working-poor, unless they're able to get major support from a corporate lobby. Members of our government are harrassing teenage boys via email, and its swept under the rug. And I think a majority, or at least a plurality, of Americans don't even trust the voting system at this point. Exit polls off from results by over FOUR standard deviations? Blacks being denied the vote. Unreal.
  2. Our media system is truly a sham, reporting consistently on stuff that serves to entertain, while events with huge impact are happening and get no coverage. And the spin on the events that do get covered would be shocking to one unfamiliar with our culture.
  3. Our military system is using depleted uranium in Iraq, causing cancer rates to skyrocket. Our soldiers are not being welcomed over there. And they torture people. And they go see sex slaves. And kill innocent civilians. The military-industrial complex is making good money however.
  4. Our economic system chugs along keeping CEOs accountable quarter by quarter, and keeping vision only cares about our citizens' health insofar as they're able to contribute to corporate profits, and literally discards them into the streets if they are unable to provide appropriate labor.
  5. Our justice system is absolutely hosed. The greatest court in the land decided to appoint our president, nullifying the votes of every American, and still has authority.
  6. Our religious system is so monstrously unrecognizable from the actual values of Christ (and Buddha, and Mohammed), it makes me want to cry. No, I won't expound on that right now.
  7. Our educational system is designed to shape youths' minds into obedient productive workers, not broad thinkers. From the youth voices I've heard from, they're either acquiescing, overcoming, or uninterested.
  8. Our primary recreational system, even, revolves around watching television, drinking, surfing the internet, watching television, and playing video games.
Those who would organize to make change have their hands fully tied and at best can distribute a few flyers on the street, and are fatigued. AND the worst part of it is that the clock is ticking while many catastrophic events await on the horizon.

This is not the America I remember. The America I remember, the one that calls out to me, is the one I believed in as a child. The one they told me existed. The one that did exist, as far as I was concerned, until I started to see the cracks in the facade. I was a kid when Nixon and Ford were in office. Were those innocent times? I guess to me, they were.

America is resourceful. America needs to think outside the box. America can make good things happen, but not like this.

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pax hominibus,

Interesting about the current prostitution situation in Korea. I was over there 45 years ago. At the time all the prostitutes were Korean. The price ranged from $2 for sex (blow job or fuck) at the beginning of the month (pay day for us GIs) to a bar of soap or a pack of cigarettes (which cost 10 cents at the PX) at the end. VD was rampant and you had to take a condom with you when you went to the village for some "recreation". Sometimes the village was completely off limits because of all the VD.

I was 18 and horny and will admit I took many trips to the village. Looking back it was a rather sordid scene and apparent that most of the "moose" (slang term for Korean prostitutes) were forced into prostitution because of poverty. Many were nice, good natured people too. Even at the time, I felt sorry for them and somewhat guilty for patronizing them (I had a g/f back home which added to the guilt!). Still there is an old saying that "a stiff dick has no conscience"...and I sort of rationalized that by paying for sex, I was helping them financially...and that probably was true!

The Army (at least in those days) gave you no privacy for the more logical alternative...masturbation of course! You are in open barracks and even the toilets didn't have stalls. Yeah a few of jacked off under the covers in the middle of the night, some of us found a toilet with a stall somewhere on the post (like at the movie theater or in the library), many of us jacked off while walking guard duty...but the whores were available there too. You could get jacked off or sucked off through the fence for a buck or two.

It all seems like a surreal experience now....and please excuse my crudity above.....
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