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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sorry about all the Gloom and Doom

Boy oh boy, that last post was gloomy. I need to remember not to post after getting up and before going out in the world. I went for a walk with our dog out in the sunshine, and while walking, realized the world (and consequently America) isn't disastrous entirely. Yes, there are problems, but I don't think the land of America, or the common people in America are the impetus, though they no doubt help serve to carry the momentum.

On another note entirely, my buddy G just sent me a link to this interesting article about the existence of God, and the existence of humanity. It's a slow and difficult read, at least for me, but a nice refresher to hear another's viewpoint. Some interesting thoughts from him, though to my mind a lot of the explanation is based on semantics. Then again, to some people the semantics are worth fighting and killing over. I wonder how important it really is for us to know whether the name in question is Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, The Great Spirit, Om, or whatever, and whether the form of God is that of a physical human, a deity who is to be conceived of as a personified power, or a deity that transcends all time and space, and is beyond description in written word, and even beyond conception within our cute little minds.

To me, it's more important that we survive and coexist for now, so that our human and angelic intelligence can survive long enough for us to address these questions with the kind of deep consideration that can only come during a less pressurized era on this cute little rock.

lyrics: Some Steely Dan song. I've been listening to a lot of Steely Dan lately, since buying Aja and Katy Lied for S's birthday. And for my class on the old testament, we got to study the Tel Dan Stele a few weeks ago. Coincidence?

colors: beyond description

mood: bleary, less mad

chant/prayer/mantra: i'm just recalling the "Do Right Rule," coined by a man we used to call Big Dad (our very solidly built 6'3" high school track (and football) coach). The "Do Right Rule" invokes a failsafe where if there isn't a rule in the rulebook, you must do right in the best way that you understand it. He was a mormon. I miss him.

pax hominibus,

btw, while looking up the Joshua link above, I typed in "Joshua 21" to get to a bible (instead of Judges 21:25, which serves as a bit of a condemnation of the Do-Right rule, especially for unscrupulous peoples), and came across this site, which includes the phrase "Power is not in knowledge. Power is in obedience. True spiritual authority rests with those who hear and obey." I'm still pondering that.

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