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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Laundry List of Advice from Emerson's "Self Reliance" and "Over-Soul" to the Upstanding Citizens of the 21st Century (mostly paraphrased)

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From Self-Reliance:

From The Over-Soul:

pax hominibus,

"And so, Theodore Donald Karabotsos, in accordance with what we think your dying wishes might well have been, we commit your final mortal remains to the bosom of the Pacific Ocean"

Advice from Erickson's "Self Medication and Firearms Policy" to the people smart enough to keep their heads down when the shit finally does hit the fan, instead of being up standing and getting shot at:

Buy liquor, it allows you to have trade goods, can be used for self medicating via the drink heavily method, and vodka can be used as both a fuel, disinfectant and a form of empathy enhancement.
Store guns, and lots of bullets, and shoot those guns often, using non-corrosive ammo. Learn to field strip them in the dark, and only point them at things you're planning on killing or eating. Or jesus freak hatemongers, knowing that you love them like your brother, and it's for their own good.
Hate the sin-hater, not the sin.
Try not to think about why you'd like to start standing "over the souls" of rethuglicans, jesus freaks and old testament thinkers with a large sledge hammer like somebody in a slaugherhouse.
Allways keep a clear head and a positive outlook.

I really fucking hate word verification. Really. Even when you type things in correctly, it still bounces the first time. But if you're out to keep comments off the blog, it's working. I think I'm done.
Have a nice day.
Whoa--Ellie is a tough act to follow. All I had to say is that, as I've learned from personal experience this very evening, if you make a radio station combining attributes of Great Big Sea and The Ditty Bops, you wind up with Moxy Fruvous. There is grace in this world.
Yup, grace does show it's face on this mudball. Beauty and love too. But I'm not so sure my moxy would be fruvious, since my mojo is furious.
But perhaps I was a touch harsh yesterday, still feeling the large void that Brother Reverend JD Joel "i have two last names" left when he shuffled off to the coast to go to work on becomin' a preacher man.
Since he left, the ones still here who worship the big bearded baby killin' plague hurling, rivers of blood and killing of firstborn god keep telling me that their god hates queers uppity wimmen, and a multitude of others Who Will Burn In Hell, including my very white buttocks. Damned, I hear I am. This may have some effect that is not positive.
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