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Monday, April 15, 2013


Guantanamo Atrocities, America's Shame, and Obama

This is from the hunger strikes going on at Guantanamo.  This person was detained in 2002, has never been charged, and has been in prison (with all the related abuses) for 11 years.  Is it any wonder they're going on a hunger strike?

Should somebody from the New York Times be held accountable and locked-up as "providing material support" for terrorists for causing us to so strongly detest what our country is doing?  Should *I* and everyone who cares about this enough to spread the word, be jailed for forwarding this story?  To try and squash the media (whether mass media reporting sourdes, or social networking and blogs) seems like our government is trying to cover up its own activities.  Rather than addressing the problem (a police-state mentality with imprisonment, torture, and force-feeding), our government is choosing to address how the problem is being shown (putting a chilling effect on freedom of speech in the media), so the atrocities can continue.  As with any abuser, the solution is not to change, but to cover up the abuse.

I can't brainstorm a single ethical reason why the US continues on this path.  President Obama, I voted for you, twice.  Your (and Congress') ongoing participation/complicity in this incarceration injustice represents perfidy to every last voter.

I found the original link to the letter from this Guardian UK article.

It's time for the US to straighten up and fly right.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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