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Saturday, March 16, 2013


sfood "why the dark angels like the dark"

J: Oh you don't know angels yet?  Let me get this book….  So here are pictures of angels.  They're God's messengers.  Do they teach you about God at the JCC?  El Shaddai, or Adonai?
H: No.
J: Jahweh?
H: No.
J: Well, they bring light to the world and deliver God's message to people about what it means to be good.
J: Oh, and here's the fallen angels, sometimes called devils.  They like to make the world darker.
H: I think maybe that's because they can see better at night.
J: Hang on.... I have to write that down, because your words offered some new theological insights, regarding moral frameworks of reference.  Thanks amigo.
H: Lumpy dumpy wissy woo!

Blessings and gratitude,

"May we trespass together into prophetic imagination." -Rev. Karen Tse

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