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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Please move out for a while

Dear Peoples in the vicinity of 32° North, 35° East....

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, stop with the attachments to ownership and land rights.  The story of Solomon and the baby in 1 Kings comes to mind.  The holy land is the baby, Solomon's knife is all sorts of weaponry unfit for life, including the potential for nuclear disaster.  Ramping up for some 21st-century end-times battle of Meggido is a load of crap.  It's time to reject that storyline in its entirety.

Who could prove to be the true mother -- the Palestinians or the Israelis?  As a person living far from this location, but interconnected in so many ways, I believe there are multitudes who would join me in concern for the lives of all peoples and cultures in this region.  I'm serious when I recommend that maybe the world (including the peoples warring there for millennia over this revered land) would benefit greatly if everybody just moves out for 100 years, and allow the land to become a blessing of natural original wilderness for all to visit but none to live.  Surely the rest of the world can absorb 10,000,000 emigrants?  It has done so before.

Is there anybody's heart that is not either breaking, or hardened to the point of brittle?

Near tears.

Pax hominibus,
Agape to all,

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