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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Illegalizing Hemp has contributed significantly to America's Downfall

Here's an interesting piece by a writer with a bit of a smarmy attitude. If you're interested and can get past the attitude, read his long "job interview" narrative.  Otherwise, here's a good list he wrote at the end (Search on "Now for the point of the article").

So while the War On Drugs continues with no end in sight, did allowing this piece of [blanket illegalization] legislation to pass with no debate, actually lead to the down fall of America?
Consider for a moment what it has caused to happen;
• Pollution on a world wide scale, not just in America.
• Becoming dependent on a finite fuel source from mostly foreign imports.
• Inflation due to an inability to become self sufficient.
• Crime in our cities due to the criminalization of a natural resource.
• Farmers inability to raise a cash crop.
• The rise in health care mostly due to obesity and inflated drug prices.
• Deforestation from the need for trees in the manufacture of paper products.
• Millions of jobs lost due to the criminalization of one plant.
• Allowing the monopolies to continue to make policy in America.
• Cheaper more cost efficient products that actually biodegrade, cutting down on garbage.
• The rise in prices of pharmaceuticals. 
Ask yourself, does anyone really know what is in those drugs? I know I don't, how many of your friends or family members takes some sort of pharmaceutical on a daily basis.
The bottom line is they want you to spend money on drugs, but just the ones they make and can control.

I include it here because that is one of the most comprehensive lists of simple economic injustices (not including the more obvious social injustices) created by illegalization of hemp and cannabis.
This all makes sense, considering the way that corporate America has turned any/all questions on codified morality into concerns for the growth of the economy and the profit motive's bottom line. 

The legality of cannabis is most certainly debatable in a moral sense.  However, simply put, for hemp (with little to no THC content) to be illegal in this dark hour is a repugnant abomination of blatant injustice.

pax hominibus, agape to all, joel

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