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Thursday, May 30, 2013


The Future is Glasscasting

I predict "glasscasting" is going to be a big new word for 2014-15. And it will only be done by glassholes.

I also predict that "glasshole" will take on a different meaning that actually matches its function --> a virtual transparent portal to another part of the world. I really like the idea of this device but goodness gracious its still mighty ugly. Looking forward to the third wave of development when the camera is just a dot where the bows meet the frame, and the image is just projected onto the periphery of "regular" glasses. I also believe it should be paired with proprioceptive gloves as controllers.

And there's a lot of social preparation that needs to be done here, not the least among them opening this world to EVERYBODY regardless of financial affluence. As the tech gets down below $100 for the device and >$2 for an hour of streaming, this will be a real game-changer.

This could be a great vehicle for creating ultra-transparency, and becoming comfortable with exposing oneself to vulnerabilities. To be receptive, society's morality is going to need to make room for accepting the real ways people live their lives. Either that, or glass users are going to need to mind their p's and q's, at least for a while until the really rowdy people get them.

These will also make excellent vehicles for policing the police. If governments or other entities declare an area or event non-transparent, most everyone will assume they're either actually working on something secret, or are up to no good, though sometimes individuals just want their privacy. "Officer, you should be aware that I'm glasscasting." "I'm sorry, you're going to need to shut that off, because this is a transparency-free social interaction. The law gives me the freedom to beat you with a club without it being documented."

Another great benefit of these is that they're likely to be more Earth-friendly, in that they will use a lot less resources than a laptop or iPad, and orders of magnitude less than a dinosaur beige box with a CRT and a 2 pound plastic keyboard.

I'm looking forward to being able to go on walks with distant friends and be in two places at the same time. I'm looking forward to meetings like Google hangouts, but even better. God I love meetings. And virtual geocaching, and graffiti in augmented reality. And being able to "remember" everybody's name even when they don't wear their nametags at church. And I look forward to being able to vicariously fly live with base-jumpers in flying squirrel suits.

AND I want to be able to turn this off. I could see being "on" all or much of the time to be exhausting.

here's to a peaceful world where we're all deeply and authentically connected.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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