May I let my voice be a clarion call. I will use these words for justice. I will use these words for truth. And humour.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Veruca Salt, Clutch, Old Style, and I Love You

This is just a little hokey vid I made a few minutes ago after imbibing some Irish Moss elixir of life this evening.  Just me saying Hi and how I feel about you.  I'm often the silent one, so the lack of my voice in this video should be no surprise.

Here's a live version of the song that is playing the background.  Veruca Salt rules!

My mannequin is insane.  
It's automatic -- electrocuted in the rain. As a warning in the storm in the morning
In a gadda da vida...

colors: a pallet with avocado yellow and avocado green, and the colors of port-wine cheese.
mood: resistive and struggling.
chant/prayer/mantra: a prayer for serenity, courage, and wisdom. pax hominibus, agape to all, joel

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